Drinking Milk Decreases Testosterone and Increases Estrogen

MilkIf you are into bodybuilding you will have stumbled upon this idea that milk is bad for your testosterone. Testosterone is required to be able to build on a substantial amount of muscle, so it makes sense to increase, or at least prevent testosterone from decreasing. What does the science have to say, regarding milk increasing estrogen and reducing testosterone? Continue reading “Drinking Milk Decreases Testosterone and Increases Estrogen”

Stevia: What The Research Says

Stevia PlantI was looking for an alternative to sugar and stumbled upon Stevia, which contains the glycosides stevioside and rebaudioside A which can be used as a sweetener. The sweetener has a very pleasant taste, is about 250-400 times sweeter than sugar, is only very slightly bitter and can be used practically the same way you would use sugar. I use it in black coffee and protein shakes and it doesn’t taste “off” in any way, I actually prefer the taste of stevioside to sugar. So what do government agencies like the FDA and EFSA and studies have to say about Stevia? Continue reading “Stevia: What The Research Says”

GPU Passthrough using Qemu and KVM

I have been using Windows 10 inside a Qemu/KVM virtual machine with a passed-through GPU on NixOS for a while now and I can say that the performance is very close to native. It’s great to be able to fire up a Windows 10 machine which integrates seamlessly into my workflow with synergy. Not to mention, it is also possible to play games without lag! In my case I pass through my NVidia GTX 650 Ti and it works very well in the virtual machine, but YMMV. I will give a detailed description on how I got it working so you can get it working too. Continue reading “GPU Passthrough using Qemu and KVM”