Szibele.comPersonal blog about software development, personal projects and perhaps things unrelated to computers. - Flatpak a Haskell Stack App into Flathub After reading David Lettier's great post on How to Flatpak a Haskell App into Flathub, I thought about generalizing his approach for Haskell stack projects and have written stackpak. August 2018 01:46 GMT A Blazingly Fast Web Framework: FastWebI have switched from Wordpress to my own C++ web framework called FastWeb. September 2017 17:03 GMT Round Robin Outgoing IPv6 Connections with IptablesI've needed to round-robin outgoing IPv6 connections in the past for various projects and this is how I do it. Each new outgoing IPv6 connection gets a new IPv6 address. July 2017 10:03 GMT How to Speedtest Your ServerI needed to speedtest my GNU/Linux server for my last post UltraVPS: Cheap VPS Hosting Starting at 2€ per Month and I looked at different approaches and the best one seems to be using the speedtest python script from sivel on Github. May 2017 12:05 GMT UltraVPS: Cheap VPS Hosting Starting at 2€ per is one of the best providers for cheap VPS hosting for Linux. I've been using them for more than half a year now and I highly recommend their services. Their virtual servers have great performance and are very reliable at a low price and their support is also fast. What more could you want from a hosting provider? May 2017 11:49 GMT Troopsender 1.0.0 ReleasedTroopsender 1.0.0 has been released. Troopsender is a program to launch multiple attacks within the same second in the browser game Travian. May 2017 17:45 GMT GPU Passthrough using Qemu and KVMI have been using Windows 10 inside a Qemu/KVM virtual machine with a passed-through GPU on NixOS for a while now and I can say that the performance is very close to native. It's great to be able to fire up a Windows 10 machine which integrates seamlessly into my workflow with synergy. Not to mention, it is also possible to play games without lag! In my case I pass through my NVidia GTX 650 Ti and it works very well in the virtual machine, but YMMV. I will give a detailed description on how I got it working so you can get it working too. May 2017 16:53 GMT Developing Software on NixOSI have been personally developing my own software on NixOS for a while now and there isn't much information out on the web on how to do it, so here's a quick guide. May 2017 16:34 GMT Track Adblock and uBlock Users with PiwikI’ve personally run into the issue of not being able to track users who have Adblock, uBlock or similar add-ons and I’ve come up with a solution that is guaranteed to work across them all. May 2017 16:03 GMT Hello world!Welcome to my blog! May 2017 00:00 GMT