Troopsender is a program designed to send multiple attacks at the same time in the browser game Travian. With Troopsender you are able to send multiple attacks within the same second, depending on your internet speed and computer.


You require a Windows PC with a good internet connection to be able to launch attacks within the same second successfully. The better your PC and internet connection, the more you will be able to send within the same second. With an average internet connection you should be able to send about four attacks within the same second.

How to Download and Use Troopsender

Download Troopsender with the following link below:


Note: You will need to purchase a license for Troopsender before you are able to use it. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to purchase a license.

Once the download is finished, open the self-extracting archive:

Troopsender Self-Extracting Archive

Click on the “Extract” button:

Troopsender 7-Zip Extract Self-Extracting Archive

Now you should have the following folder in the same folder as the downloaded self-extracting archive:

Troopsender Folder

Open the folder and launch Troopsender:

Troopsender Folder Contents

Now you will see the login window of Troopsender:

Troopsender Login Window

1. Select your region.
2. Select your server.
3. Enter your Travian e-mail address.
4. Enter your Travian password.
5. Click on the “Log in” button.

If you have purchased a Troopsender license and the login details are correct, you should now see the main window of Troopsender:

Troopsender Main Window

1. Here in the attack list you will see all the attacks that you add. NB: Attacks are sent based on the order, so the attack 1 is sent first and attack 4 is sent last.
2. Click this button to move attacks up in the attack hierarchy.
3. Click this button to move attacks down in the attack hierarchy.
4. Click this button to remove an attack from the attack list.
5. In this group box you can set the options for a new attack, that you can add to the attack list.
6. The village, from where the attack should be sent.
7. The Troops, which should be sent from the selected village.
8. The coordinates of the victim.
9. The attack type.
10. Click this button to add the attack to the attack list.
11. Click this button to launch all attacks which are in the attack list.

Download Troopsender

Note: You will need to purchase a license for Troopsender before you are able to use it.


Buy Troopsender License

The automatic payment system using PayPal is currently disabled, as I am rewriting the site. Send me an E-Mail and I will get back to you with details on how you can pay.

Use the form below to purchase a license for Troopsender. The purchased licensed is only valid for a specific Travian server with the provided e-mail address. The provided e-mail address must be the same e-mail address you use to log into Travian and the Travian server field must contain the host name of the Travian server (e.g.

After your purchase you will be able to use Troopsender right away.

Troopsender License:
E-Mail Address:
(Your Travian account’s e-mail address)
Travian Server:
Troopsender Travian Server URL

If you are experiencing any issues, please send an e-mail to the following address:

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