Drinking Milk Decreases Testosterone and Increases Estrogen

28 May 2017 12:29 GMT


If you are into bodybuilding you will have stumbled upon this idea that milk is bad for your testosterone. Testosterone is required to be able to build on a substantial amount of muscle, so it makes sense to increase, or at least prevent testosterone from decreasing. What does the science have to say, regarding milk increasing estrogen and reducing testosterone?

It has been demonstrated in several studies that mammalian estrogen is present in milk123, it should therefore be no surprise that this exogenous estrogen may cause adverse effects on us humans if consumed.

According to a study4 done in 2009, drinking commercially available milk which comes from pregnant cows increases serum estrogen and decreases serum testosterone significantly in humans. Ok, so we know that milk from pregnant dairy cows is bad for our hormones, but dairy cows aren't constantly pregnant, or are they? Well, in the dairy industry the dairy cows must have at least one calf a year to ensure maximum milk production, therefore diary cows are the majority of the time pregnant567.

According to another study8 done in 2010, dairy consumption directly correlates to reduced reproductive hormone levels and is detrimental to semen quality in young men.


Evidently, it is a good idea to eliminate, or at least limit, the amount of dairy you consume, especially if you are into bodybuilding.


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